Thunder Pop

The man who played internet Super Hero Captain Badass is back! Steven Presley is an Actor, writer, DJ and creator of the absurd, and now he is hosting a podcast about Pop Culture with a humorous out-of-the-box approach you will likely see everywhere else-- but what the heck give them a listen anyway. He and his panelists pull no punches unless they are trying to kiss someone's specific ass for their own gains.

Steven Presley has been featured on Attack of the Show, Current TV, Tech TV SXSW Coverage and most recently a frequent Skype Correspondent on TMZ Live.

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    Ep 106: 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' meets 'Danger God' (Reactions to Tarantino's latest film)

    Producer(Danger God), Director, and Journalist( Austin Chronicle) Joe O'Connell joins Kirk-O-Matic and Steven Presley to discuss Joe's finishing touches on his latest doc 'Danger God'...Of course the discussion on the subject Gary Kent spills into a reaction to 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. --Gary Kent(Danger God) is the inspiration for Brad Pitt's (Clint Boothe) character in the Tarantino flick.

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    EP 105: 'Stranger Things 3' Reactions pt 2

    The boy wonder Johnny Lightfoot(Matinee Talk) joins Steven Presley to discuss 'Stranger Things 3', the new 'Top Gun Maverick' trailer that Tom Cruise premiered at Comic Con and his legendary trip to 'Galaxy's Edge'.

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    EP 103: 'Spider-Man Far From Home' Reactions

    Johnny Lightfoot of the 'Matinee Talk' podcast joins Steven Presley to discuss their first impressions after watching 'Far From Home' over the 4th of July weekend.

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    EP 98: May the 4th Be With You (pt 1)

    On May 4th Day the Thunder Pop crew had a marathon live stream simulcast to 3 different social media platforms and around the world. They discussed 'Rise of Skywalker', JJ Abrams, future Star Wars projects and much, much, more!

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