Thunder Pop

The man who played internet Super Hero Captain Badass is back! Steven Presley is an Actor, writer, DJ and creator of the absurd, and now he is hosting a podcast about Pop Culture with a humorous out-of-the-box approach you will likely see everywhere else-- but what the heck give them a listen anyway. He and his panelists pull no punches unless they are trying to kiss someone's specific ass for their own gains.

Steven Presley has been featured on Attack of the Show, Current TV, Tech TV SXSW Coverage and most recently a frequent Skype Correspondent on TMZ Live.

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    Ep 54: Last Jedi Reactions

    We react to Last Jedi...Are we among the 50 percent that hated this film? Or are we gushing for joy? Spoilers ahead BEWARE

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    Ep 52: Last Jedi Predictions

    Several weeks before the release of Force Awakens our very own Johnny Lightfoot predicted the death of Han Solo!...Now what jaw dropping prediction has he made for Last Jedi? Listen now to find out.

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    Ep 51: Breaking Down The Last Jedi Trailers

    With one week away from it's release Steven Presley (Captain Bad-Ass) and Jazz One (Evil Flying Chickens) break down various Last Jedi Trailers to see what possibble predictions and theories they can make on Episode 8.

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    Ep 49: Sexual Harassment Orientation for Hollywood

    Kirk-o-Matic is fresh back from Hollywod as he joins Steven Presley to dive into the rampant sexual assault allegations that have flooded the Entertainment industry as of late.

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    Ep 48: Why Bladerunner 2049 bombed?

    It's a very special Halloween edition of TP podcast with Kirk-o-Matic joining Steven Presley to answer the question of why Bladrunner 2049 bombed at the Box Office. Also we found Sean Young and she is working with Kirk on his latest project.

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    Ep 46: Six Degrees of Blade Runner

    Reed Charles reveals theories on how films like Aliens and Soldier(Kurt Russell) connect to the Blade Runner universe. Also we break down our ideas on Blade Runner 2049...Is Rick Deckard a replicant?

    And we wrap the show up with Bob Ross(Painter).

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