Thunder Pop

The man who played internet Super Hero Captain Badass is back! Steven Presley is an Actor, writer, DJ and creator of the absurd, and now he is hosting a podcast about Pop Culture with a humorous out-of-the-box approach you will likely see everywhere else-- but what the heck give them a listen anyway. He and his panelists pull no punches unless they are trying to kiss someone's specific ass for their own gains.

Steven Presley has been featured on Attack of the Show, Current TV, Tech TV SXSW Coverage and most recently a frequent Skype Correspondent on TMZ Live.

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    Ep 71: Will Disney Ruin Deadpool?

    As reports surfaced leading up to the release of Deadpool 2 hinting to the possibilty that Disney might have influenced the removal of a joke directed at them within the film. We ask the question...Will Disney's planned acquisition of 20th Century Fox ruin Deadpool?

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    EP 69: Fembots In Film And Real Life

    TP crew discuss history of fembots in film and what aspects of these creations are becoming a part of our real world reality.

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    Ep 66: Infinity War Preview and SXSW Wrap-Up

    Guest host Jazz One and Donna Jean join Steven Presley to discuss the latest Infinity War trailer and the 2018 SXSW wrap-up is served up hot and fresh.

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    Ep 65: Reviewing Cobra Kai Trailers

    Youtube sensation Matt Wilkins returns to the TP dome to review the latest trailers for the upcoming Cobra Kai/Karate Kid streaming series for Youtube Red.

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    Ep 64: SXSW 2018 and Special Guest Mundane Matt

    SXSX stories from the past and present. Also exclusive SX coverage from the Mark Hamill/Rian Johnson panel at Twitter House. Interview with Youtube Sensation Mundane Matt and did discgraced movie blogger Harry Knowles leave a pot of gold or poop just in time for St Patrick's Day?

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    Ep 63: The Imminent Death of the Award Show

    With the 2018 Oscar's upon us we analyze the continueing decline of Award shows ratings. --Emmy's, Grammy's, VMA'S and Academy Awards. Are they all dinosaurs near extinction?

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    Ep 62: The Black Panther Special Edition

    Our resident Super Hero expert Johnny Lightfoot(Boy Wonder Broadcast) joins Steven Presley to discuss Marvel's latest offering from the Avengers universe. --It's the Black Panther special edition of Thunder Pop! (Spoiler Alert!)

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