Thunder Pop

The man who played internet Super Hero Captain Badass is back! Steven Presley is an Actor, writer, DJ and creator of the absurd, and now he is hosting a podcast about Pop Culture with a humorous out-of-the-box approach you will likely see everywhere else-- but what the heck give them a listen anyway. He and his panelists pull no punches unless they are trying to kiss someone's specific ass for their own gains.

Steven Presley has been featured on Attack of the Show, Current TV, Tech TV SXSW Coverage and most recently a frequent Skype Correspondent on TMZ Live.

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    Ep 115: Second Reactions To 'Rise Of Skywalker'

    Warning Spoilers!!!-- Jazz One and Steven Presley have seen 'The Rise Of Skywalker' a combined 5 times!!...They have some thoughts on this so called finale chapter in the Skywalker saga.

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    Thunder Pop Extra: Last Minute Predictions For 'Rise Of Skywalker'

    'Last Jedi' defender Paul Nye joins Steven Presley to express his thoughts on the state of the Star Wars galaxy.

    Next we get into the last minute groundbreaking prediction that Steven Presley has surfaced on the finale days before the premiere...

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    Ep 114: Will 'The Rise Of Skywalker' Introduce Time Travel?

    Youtube star Matt Wilkins of the 'Expanded Universe' channel joins Steven Presley to discuss the "Time Travel" rumor that broke the internet earlier this year regarding 'The Rise Of Skywalker'...Would JJ dare? --It was made canon via Star Wars: Rebels!

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    Ep 109: All Things We Missed While On Hiatus

    The Boy Wonder Johnny Lightfoot and Steven Presley hit a list of topics from what we missed while on hiatus. --Including JJ Abrams making DC movies, Knights Of Ren, Force Friday, Disney Plus, The Streaming Wars, Spider-Man back in the MCU and Robert Pattinson as 'The Bat-Man'.

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    Ep 108: The Joker and Real Life Sociopaths(Season Premiere!)

    In our season premiere we tie up our very own cliffhanger from season 4 and that spills into the return of 'Feed the Reed Charles' along with Jeff Painter.-- Then we discuss 'The Joker' film and all of the controversies surrounding this movie. Also a very intense discussion on real-life sociopaths.

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    Ep 107: Great Television Cliffhangers (Season Finale!)

    Television aficionado Jeff Painter joins Steven Presley to discuss great cliifhangers over the history of the medium.-- And then on our very own season finale of podcast we have our very own cliffhanger along with end credit scenes ala MCU.

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    Ep 106: 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' meets 'Danger God' (Reactions to Tarantino's latest film)

    Producer(Danger God), Director, and Journalist( Austin Chronicle) Joe O'Connell joins Kirk-O-Matic and Steven Presley to discuss Joe's finishing touches on his latest doc 'Danger God'...Of course the discussion on the subject Gary Kent spills into a reaction to 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. --Gary Kent(Danger God) is the inspiration for Brad Pitt's (Clint Boothe) character in the Tarantino flick.

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    EP 105: 'Stranger Things 3' Reactions pt 2

    The boy wonder Johnny Lightfoot(Matinee Talk) joins Steven Presley to discuss 'Stranger Things 3', the new 'Top Gun Maverick' trailer that Tom Cruise premiered at Comic Con and his legendary trip to 'Galaxy's Edge'.

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    EP 103: 'Spider-Man Far From Home' Reactions

    Johnny Lightfoot of the 'Matinee Talk' podcast joins Steven Presley to discuss their first impressions after watching 'Far From Home' over the 4th of July weekend.

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    EP 98: May the 4th Be With You (pt 1)

    On May 4th Day the Thunder Pop crew had a marathon live stream simulcast to 3 different social media platforms and around the world. They discussed 'Rise of Skywalker', JJ Abrams, future Star Wars projects and much, much, more!

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    Ep 95: Star Wars Celebration 2019

    Jazz One and Steven Presley review the three big trailers from Star Wars Celebration in Chicago along with predictions and other analysis from the 'Rise Of Skywalker', 'The Mandalorian' and 'Clone Wars season 7' teasers.

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    Ep 94: Cobra Kai Season 2 Preview

    Find out which Cobra Kai character we are predicting the imminent death of in Season 2 of the hit Youtube series. And other predictions for the up coming new season.

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    Thunder Pop Extra: Shazam! Review

    Johnny Lightfoot has seen DC's 'Shazam!' and we are bestowed with the power of his spoiler free review in this TP Extra.

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    Ep 93: The People vs. R Kelly And Michael Jackson

    Two Michael Jackson super fans process their thoughts in the wake of 'Leaving Neverland.' --Were the R Kelly and MJ docs real groundbreaking journalism or sensationalized tabloid material to drive ratings?

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    Ep 92: Was Alita Better Than Captain Marvel?

    Was Alita better than 'Captain Marvel'? The Thunder Pop crew poses that compelling question and gives you our take on both female led heroes journeys.

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    Ep 91: When The Absence Of A Star Impacts A Series

    We discuss the passing of Luke Perry and having a stroke at an early age. How will this impact Riverdale? RIP Dylan Mckay. Also when the absence of other stars forced their series to alter course.

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    Ep 88: Super Bowl Commercials 2019

    Embattled Saints fan Jazz One and dejected Cowboys loyalist Steven Presley discuss Super Bowl commercials and half time shows of the past, present, and future.

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    EP 84: Tribute To The Year 1984 (3rd Anniversary special)

    In our 3rd anniversary special we recognize the films and music of 1984. Also a Thunder Pop edition of "This Is Your Life" where we re-unite two long lost friends who have not spoken in over a year due to a facebook feud.

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    Ep 78: Who Is Q-Anon? (Season Premiere)

    Reed Charles explains the QAnon phenomenon. Is it a hoax? Or could it have some solid validity based on one Youtubers analysis.

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    Ep 77: The State of Hollywood with film maker Justin Kirchhoff(Season Finale)

    Veteran filmmaker Justin Kirchhoff(Digital Shakedown) joins Reed Charles and Steven Presley for our season 3 finale to discuss his life as a director, cinimatographer, and story teller. Also Star Trek, Star Wars, and Walking Dead news along with a discussion on the Hollywood Sex Cult.

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    Ep 73: Interview With Celebrity Stuntman Gary Kent (Jack Nicholson's stuntman)

    In this very special episode we are joined by celebrity stuntman Gary Kent and filmaker Joe O'Connell(Austin Chronicle, Dallas Morning News). They discuss their documentary "Love and other stunts."

    Also Gary's stories of meeting and working along side Charles Manson. His recollection of the time Charlie Manson tried to recruit him and Casey Kasem into the Manson cult.

    Is the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino picture actually heavily based on Gary Kent's life?

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    Ep 72: Solo: A Star Wars Story Preview

    The Boy Wonder Johnny Lightfoot joins Steven Presley to have their final discussions on Solo: A Star Wars Story before it's Memorial Day weekend release.

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    Ep 71: Will Disney Ruin Deadpool?

    As reports surfaced leading up to the release of Deadpool 2 hinting to the possibilty that Disney might have influenced the removal of a joke directed at them within the film. We ask the question...Will Disney's planned acquisition of 20th Century Fox ruin Deadpool?

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    EP 69: Fembots In Film And Real Life

    TP crew discuss history of fembots in film and what aspects of these creations are becoming a part of our real world reality.

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    Ep 66: Infinity War Preview and SXSW Wrap-Up

    Guest host Jazz One and Donna Jean join Steven Presley to discuss the latest Infinity War trailer and the 2018 SXSW wrap-up is served up hot and fresh.

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    Ep 65: Reviewing Cobra Kai Trailers

    Youtube sensation Matt Wilkins returns to the TP dome to review the latest trailers for the upcoming Cobra Kai/Karate Kid streaming series for Youtube Red.

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    Ep 64: SXSW 2018 and Special Guest Mundane Matt

    SXSX stories from the past and present. Also exclusive SX coverage from the Mark Hamill/Rian Johnson panel at Twitter House. Interview with Youtube Sensation Mundane Matt and did discgraced movie blogger Harry Knowles leave a pot of gold or poop just in time for St Patrick's Day?

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    Ep 63: The Imminent Death of the Award Show

    With the 2018 Oscar's upon us we analyze the continueing decline of Award shows ratings. --Emmy's, Grammy's, VMA'S and Academy Awards. Are they all dinosaurs near extinction?

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    Ep 62: The Black Panther Special Edition

    Our resident Super Hero expert Johnny Lightfoot(Boy Wonder Broadcast) joins Steven Presley to discuss Marvel's latest offering from the Avengers universe. --It's the Black Panther special edition of Thunder Pop! (Spoiler Alert!)

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    Ep 61: The Over Saturation of Star Wars

    Paul Nye from HGTV's House Hunters and Kirk-o-Matic(Barn of the Blood Llama) join Steven Presley to discuss the oversaturation of Star Wars.

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    Ep 58: Will history be kind to Last Jedi?

    Following our 57th episode where Reed Charles ripped apart The Last Jedi and alleged it being an SJW piece we hear an opposing view as Jazz One gives his perspective.

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    Ep 57: Has The Walking Dead Jumped the Shark?

    T.P.'s resident Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead expert Reed Charles gives his latest takes on the two AMC series. Have they jumped the shark to a point of no rebound?

    Also behind the scenes of the recent filming of Fear the Walking Dead in Austin, Texas. What does the location change mean for the future of show?

    And finally Reed Charles vents about his takes on frustration with SJW's influence in Star Wars? Is he correct or has Reed jumped the shark??

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    Ep 56: The Year In Review- 2017

    Host Steven Presley welcomes back his neighbor Bob who hates everything pop culture to review everything pop culture from the past year.

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    Ep 54: Last Jedi Reactions

    We react to Last Jedi...Are we among the 50 percent that hated this film? Or are we gushing for joy? Spoilers ahead BEWARE

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    Ep 52: Last Jedi Predictions

    Several weeks before the release of Force Awakens our very own Johnny Lightfoot predicted the death of Han Solo!...Now what jaw dropping prediction has he made for Last Jedi? Listen now to find out.

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    Ep 51: Breaking Down The Last Jedi Trailers

    With one week away from it's release Steven Presley (Captain Bad-Ass) and Jazz One (Evil Flying Chickens) break down various Last Jedi Trailers to see what possibble predictions and theories they can make on Episode 8.

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    Ep 49: Sexual Harassment Orientation for Hollywood

    Kirk-o-Matic is fresh back from Hollywod as he joins Steven Presley to dive into the rampant sexual assault allegations that have flooded the Entertainment industry as of late.

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    Ep 48: Why Bladerunner 2049 bombed

    It's a very special Halloween edition of TP podcast with Kirk-o-Matic joining Steven Presley to answer the question of why Bladrunner 2049 bombed at the Box Office. Also we found Sean Young and she is working with Kirk on his latest project.

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    Ep 46: Six Degrees of Blade Runner

    Reed Charles reveals theories on how films like Aliens and Soldier(Kurt Russell) connect to the Blade Runner universe. Also we break down our ideas on Blade Runner 2049...Is Rick Deckard a replicant?

    And we wrap the show up with Bob Ross(Painter).

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    Ep 45: Musical Director Chairs at Lucasfilm and Force Friday!

    Johnny Lightfoot joins Steven Presley via Skype to discuss Force Friday and if there were any take aways from the new toy releases.

    Also the musical director chairs with Han Solo film and Episode 9.

    Finally Steven Presley has a solution for the Hurricane problems and why both Republicans and Democrats are not helping matters.

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    Ep 44: When my 80's Reboot Fantasies Become Reality Pt 2 (Miami Vice)

    TP welcomes two very special guest from the Consequence of Sound website. Cap Blackard and Michael Roffman. On the heels of the NBC announcement of a proposed Miami Vice reboot they discuss their article that piches an idea for making the Vin Diesel helmed series a sequel series taking place in the original vice canon.

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    Ep 41: What are we watching on Netflix this summer?

    The author of the bestselling book "365 Days of Doodling" joins Steven Presley as they discuss shows they're binge watching on Netflix this summer... Carin Channing breaks down House of Cards and Steven Presley re-sets his obsession for Master of None.

    Also, we talk doodling, the x-rated art that surfaced in one of Carin's books at the local Juice Bar. (JuiceLand)

    And is the "C" word bad?

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    Ep 40: Bacta Tank vs. Float Therapy

    In this episode, we compare the Bacta Tank that Luke Skywalker rehabbed in during Empire Strikes Back to the Float Meditation craze that has been taking the world by storm. Have we found the real life version of the Bacta Tank?

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    Ep 38: Netflix Killed The Film Star

    In this episode, our fearless host discusses the disappointing ticket sales at this Summers box office. Has the Movie Theater finally met its match from Netflix and other streaming platforms? We offer some unconventional solutions to save the cineplex.

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    Ep 37: The Lost Episode

    Reed Charles(Leporid Wars) and Steven Presley(TMZ, Captain Bad-Ass) welcome guest Matt Wilkins from the Expanded Universe Youtube Channel to discuss "Lost Media". Our picks for lost shows, comic books, and childhoods culminates with a big confession on what happened to the now infamous "Lost Episode" of Thunder Pop.

    Also in the "Feed the Reed" we hear about a one on one interaction years ago with Reed Charles and Tommy Lee Jones that became rather nasty!

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    Ep 33: The Expansion of Batman

    We break down the evolution and progression of Batman from his early days with Detective Comics in 1939, a laughable 1950's TV series, campy 1960's TV show with Adam West and the current state of "The Batman in 2017.

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    Ep. 32: Craziest Moments In Live TV History

    On the heels of the Oscars 2017 Live TV debacle we analize the incident once more and then look back at some of the craziest live tv moments of all time.

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    TP Extra: Oscars 2017 Recap

    We discuss the wildest moment in Academy Awards History. The 2017 envelope-gate.

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    Ep 30: Last Samurai vs Last Jedi

    Did the 2003 "The Last Samurai" influence the naming of Episode 8? And are there other parallels between the two films?

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    Ep 29: The Comprehensive Guide to Dune

    We dissect Dune then and now all the way from the best selling novel, the 2014 Jodorowsky's Dune documentary and the reported reboot in the works. Finally in the second half of show Reed Charles and Steven Presley go on a mission to locate the "Spice".

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    Ep 28: Nostradamus Predictions for 2017

    We do our annual year in review a few weeks late. And then crown the ass of both Bad-ass and Asshole of the year. In second half of episode we roll out Nostradamus Predictions for 2017.

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    Ep 26: Rogue One Reaction Show

    The Thunder Pop round table of Star Wars fanatics discuss and dissect Rogue One. Also a early discussion on the new Blade Runner 2049 teaser trailer.

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    Ep 25: Rogue One Special Edition

    Roundtable discussion on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, rumors and theories are fleshed out by Boy Wonder Broadcast star Johnny Lightfoot, the one and only Reed Charles and TMZ Skype Correspondent Steven Presley. Big bold predictions, a special surprise celebrity guest to close the show and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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    Ep 22: We Riff on the third presidential debate in realtime.

    Reed Charles and TMZ Live frequenter Steven Presley RIFF on the third and finale 2016 Presidential Debate in realtime. Then they compare and contrast the 2006 comedy film Idiocracy vs 2016 current state of affairs.

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    Fantastic Fest in 17 Minutes

    Following a full episode recording we had Johnny Lightfoot give his short takes on Fantastic Fest 2016.

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    I'm on a boat heading straight into the Tropical Storm!!

    Thunder Pop Extra: TP host Steven Presley is on a Carnival Cruise as he discusses his passion for Guy Fieri wigs, Love Boat reboots and 80's nostalgia. Also a preview of upcoming Thunder Pop events like the launch of our Youtube Channel, Thunder Pops first digital short and watching Making a Murderer.

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    Did I watch Game of Thrones?

    Host Steven Presley finally announces whether he fullfilled his friend Michael's Binge Watch Challenge to watch every season of Game of Thrones in one months time.

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    Ep 17: Jimmy Maddox Teleprompter operator for the Stars

    Host Steven Presley invites Jimmy Maddox on to discuss his work as a Teleprompter operator for the likes of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Norris and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. We also reveal what other very important job Jimmy happens to hold.

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    Ep 16: Star Wars Episode 8 Rumors on the web

    Host Steven Presley and Johnny Lightfoot of "Boy Wonder Broadcast" returns to evaluate new Star Wars Episode 8 internet rumors. Also we called a Gentlemens Club in the "Bum Rush Movie Review" segment. Also Johnny confesses to watching Fuller House and tells us why.

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    Ep 15: The day I spent with Johnny Cochran after O.J. trial

    In our 15th trip through the Thunder Pop Dome! Ones Up for JazzOne as he returns to discuss his recent work on the ABC Drama series American Crime, also that time he spent a day with O.J. Simpson's attorney Johnnie Cochran.. We also try and figure out how Matthew Mcconaughey found a time of day he could fly down I-35 with zero traffic?-- Finally the new Richard Linklater film and some of his old ones and then we enjoy 7 days of Tacos just cause we can!

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    Ep 14: Batman v Superman a month later...

    In this episode Johnny Lightfoot and Steven Presley review the actual movie reviewers. Also is Batman v Superman any better after several weeks and multiple screenings? How is Johnny using what he learned from Deadpool to woo more Milfs into buying his merch?.. Also the untimely death of legendary musician Prince.

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    I was on the phone with TMZ when Prince Died.

    This is a special report on the passing of Music legend Prince.. TP host Steven Presley discuss's his work as a TMZ Skype Correspondent and how it came to be. --Also the day Prince died and TMZ broke the story Steven P was scheduled for show.

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    Ep 13: SXSW Camera Man of Nardwuar the Human Serviette

    On this very lucky 13th episode of TP our host Steven Presley interviews the SXSW camera man of the legendary Nardwuar as he discusses some of his favorite Nardwuar interviews with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Kurt Cobain just to name a few. --Also Jazz One is back to discuss his mission to find the best Taco's in Austin that will culminate with a book revealing his findings. Also we ask the question..Will a Tomb Raider movie with Daisy Ridley work?

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    Episode 12: The Bunny Rabbit Apocalypse

    Our resident zombie nerd fields Walking Dead questions, our host pitches TV Show ideas to TV Executive Palpatine?? Reed Charles participates in a JFK reenactment and a Danny Trejo as well as Cobra Kai sighting while Reed combs Comic Cons statewide to capture every Star Wars comic book to ever exist. Oh and the Bunny Rabbit Apocalypse!!

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    Episode 11: The Total Man Package

    In this episode we pay special tribute to the late Dan Murphy RIP. -- Dan Murphy spent three and a half years writing a monthly Humor Column for In order to make the column appropriate for readers, Dan started doing acting gigs. Dan's first column was on the "Slacker" 10 year reunion. His second column was about a movie he worked on called "Vince Del Rio" which was never released by now accomplished Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, brothers Mark & Jay Duplass. Incidentally, Dan ended up being in a couple scenes for the "Slacker 2011" remake. Dan past away in 2015 after a lengthy fight with Cancer.

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    Thunder Pop Extra: A Very Belated David Bowie Tribute

    We once again welcome Ericca Long from the very popular Magic Lantern Podcast to discuss the life and career of David Bowie. In this TP Extra we reveal Bowie's love of Texas Rock and his secret collaboration with Stevie Ray Vaughan..Why did David enjoy interviews so much? Could he have been a comedian in another life? Also the real Major Tom was in Labyrinth!..Can we avoid a Justin Bieber take over of Bowie's unreleased and unfinished recordings? And we open a Sweater store with the ghost of Ziggy Stardust.

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    Episode 10: Expanded Universe for 'Dat Ass!

    The TP crew welcome youtube star Matt Wilkens of the Expanded Universe channel. Also in this episode we revision pop culture history so you don't have to. What restaurant host Steven Presley wants payback on. And who sucks more George Lucas or Disney? Plus breaking news on a Avengers meets Star Wars project??

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    Episode 9: Tell me, do you bleed?

    In the first new episode of 2016 the TP crew list off what film releases they are most excited about in the new year. Johnny Lightfoot of Boy Wonder Broadcast already has the epic ending figured out for Star Wars Episode 8 of course he called everything right on the money for episode 7. We also determine which Light Saber model can break stuff. The question is asked would you rather be Wonder Women's boy toy or Green Lantern. Host Steven Presley knows how they can save The Cosby Show and the answer will surprise you. Also how to go demonic at a Yoga Studio!

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    Thunder Pop Extra- Force Awoken (The Reaction Show)

    Spoiler Alerts! Repeat! Spoiler Alerts! Join host Steven Presley and a special panel of guest including David Smith from Bright Tree Village, Reed Charles of Leporid Wars, and Johnny Lightfoot from Boy Wonder Broadcast with their reactions on Force Awakens. In this TP Extra we experience the dark side and the light side when it comes to opinions on the 7th installment of the Star Wars franchise.

  123. Thumb 1450822843 artwork

    Episode 7: We spoiled that movie!

    On the week of the release of the long awaited Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga we roll out Episode 7 of this podcast. Wow! Does that mean something? Probably not. And you can guess which Episode 7 is the weak link here. In this two hour space opera the host Steven Presley and guest panelist Michael David Wyatt reveal what will happen in Force Awakens..Well theories at least. And we will know in a matter of hours just how ridiculous our ideas might have been. Luke with Jet Pack shoes, Han Solo dies, Rey is Luke's Daughter?!..Also we take a few more below the belt shots at George Lucas. Will Ridiculous 6 revive Adam Sandler or burry him for good? Also we respond to our first Reviewer Mail.

  124. Thumb 1450765145 artwork

    Episode 6: Say it ain't Solo!

    We break down the latest Super Man vs Batman trailer, also we discuss an evacuation at a local theater with our host in attendance, two squealing dogs just about ruined the podcast, BREAKING NEWS on a Force Awakens cast member that has had their role greatly reduced according to tabloids, JJ Abrams went on Howard Stern, does Howard Sterns guest couch have STD's?, Johnny Lightfoot predicts death of a major Star Wars character, and should there be a Saved by the Bell reboot?

  125. Thumb 1450672211 artwork

    Episode 5: Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!!

    Guest panel featuring actor/filmmaker Reed Charles along with David Smith who is the owner of Bright Tree Village Customs. David discusses building custom action figures and the pursuit of autographs at Trade shows and even on actors door steps. We also have "Feed the Reed" where we get into some top secret Alien intel dating back to Reagan Era. Finally our host decides to open up a window in studio to relieve everyone of his odor after not having bathed all day.

  126. Thumb 1450572788 artwork

    Episode 4: Rocky 7 vs. Star Wars 7

    Thunder Pop host Steven Presley brings on panelist Johnny Lightfoot who is a professional cos player, Star Wars expert and Movie Buff. He talks about meeting Anna Kendrick, and why even as a Star Wars fan he thinks there maybe a better film coming out just a few weeks ahead of it also a sequel from a 70's movie.

  127. Thumb 1450545940 artwork

    Thunder Pop Extra- Interview with MST3K Super Fan

    Thunder Pop Extra: Host Steven Presley interviews a MST3K Super fan Ericca Long from The Magic Lantern Podcast about the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And breaking news related!

  128. Thumb 1450200573 artwork

    Episode 3: The Force is strong with Chickens

    This is the second appearance with panelist Evil Flying Chickens featuring Jazz One and Jason Charles. In Episode 3 we break down the Japanese Episode 8 trailer, Jason Charles reveals where you can buy $5 dollar ‪Force Awakens‬ t-shirts and we riff on ‪‎Bill Cosby‬.

  129. Thumb 1450193507 artwork

    Episode 2: MST3K wants yo money!

    This is the first of two back to back episodes with Alternative band Evil Flying Chickens of Austin, Texas. We discuss the MST3K Kickstarter and where will all that money go? Also why are there never hot people at Nudist meet-up's?

  130. Thumb 1450191463 artwork

    Episode 1: The Return of Captain Badass

    This is the inaugural episode of Thunder Pop. In this episode panelist Reed Charles talks about his uncomfortable run in with Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca, we finally meet the true identity of Captain Badass and the plot twist is he's the host, special tribute to our late great nerd friend Dan Murphy and more previews of what you might expect from this podcast.

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